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Let's Support Carola During

Her Healing Journey


Dear Friends and Family,

We have some sad news to share with you about our dear Carola.

Carola has been diagnosed with metastatic endometrial cancer. Diagnosis and treatment have moved rapidly since she relocated back to Portland. She has started aggressive chemotherapy on March 1st.


This news has been quite shocking to her, as it will most certainly be to all of you. She would have liked to speak with each of you personally but the rapid pace of events and her fatigue level have taken a toll.


While Carola doesn't have the energy to respond to lots of phone calls and emails right now, she would greatly appreciate any cards that you would like to send: Carola DiLorenzo

1024 SW Troy St. Portland, OR 97219


Carola has been such an integral part of so many of our healing journeys and an absolute bright light in our lives. She’s always been eager to lend a helping hand with health care, decorating, cooking scrumptious food for gatherings, loving our pets and children, and sharing in the joys and sorrows on this journey of life.

It has been hard for Carola to ask for help, but the circle of giving and receiving is what life is all about. She needs our help with medical and living expenses at this moment in her life as she is unable to work.


Let’s support her as a community.

Donation Information

Please send monetary donations in support of Carola either via a check, made out to Carola DiLorenzo and mailed to the above address or via Zelle which is registered under both her phone number 503.313.0576 and her email address:


We will post regular updates on this website regarding Carola’s treatment and progress.


Thank you, kindly, Love and well wishes, Anna Jimenez, Pamela Rico, Grace Sherry, Alice Gray Gregory (and Carola).


Please share the link to this page with anyone you think may want to lend Carola a helping hand!

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